Saturday, February 16, 2013

Asad FTW

Some great news! Well, not so much "news" as news to me, as I only learned yesterday that the Somali pirate-themed film Asad has been nominated for best live action short at this year's Academy Awards.

Asad was directed by Bryan Buckley and produced by Mino Jarjoura (a fellow Toronto native) of Hungry Man, one of the premiere commercial production companies in the world. They're also the guys who bought the movie rights to my book, a project that looks increasingly likely to go forward in light of Asad's success. The film has gone on to win a whole slew of awards (including Tribeca and the LA BAFTA), and is considered the favourite to take home the Oscar.

Bryan and Mino were kind enough to fly me down to Cape Town in October to be present at the film's African premiere, where I had a chance to meet most of the cast and production team. The film itself was perfect short story telling; simple, compelling, and with a surrealistic twist at the end that works delightfully.

The full 18-minute film is now available on iTunes for $1.99, well worth it at twice the price. You can also follow the film's progress on Twitter.

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