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Look for the following covers in a bookstore near you! (Alternatively, click on the images below for online purchasing). Editions of The Pirates of Somalia are now also published in Taiwan and mainland China. 

Pantheon/Vintage Books (USA)
HarperCollins (Canada)
Scribe (Australia)
Profile Books (UK)

Niuew Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Praise for The Pirates of Somalia

"Brave and exhaustively reported."
New York Times Book Review 

“Bahadur has borne witness and seen what no other journalist has seen. He has peeked behind the curtain of the pirates of Somalia in their faraway tribal homelands . . . and lived to tell about it.” 
The Boston Globe

"This vivid and intelligent study of Somali pirates uncovers the reckless men behind the nation’s most lucrative business. . . a balanced and fascinating portrait."
The Sunday Times

“A fascinating narrative that opens a hitherto largely unknown world to a wider audience.” 
San Francisco Chronicle

"An illuminating guide. . . . Bahadur has probably spent more time with Somali pirates than just about any other Western researcher or writer.” 
The New Republic

“A first-of-its kind book. . . . Takes readers through the evolution of the pirate groups from garrulous, self-proclaimed vigilantes who claim they are protecting Somalia’s waters from illegal fishing vessels to the deadly criminal gangs they are today.” 
Associated Press

“Remarkable . . . It takes much daring to venture where Bahadur did and come out of it unscathed with such a story.”
Michael Nicholson, author of Welcome to Sarajevo: Natasha’s Story

“A punchy and impressive debut. . . . A brave and timely book that reaches far behind the glib newspaper headlines to uncover the hidden world of Somali piracy.”
Justin Marozzi, author of The Man Who Invented History

“A plucky and perceptive behind-the-scenes look at one of the most extraordinary phenomena of our times.”
Robert Calderisi, author of The Trouble with Africa

“A rare and fascinating glimpse into modern-day piracy." 
Mellissa Fung, author of Under an Afghan Sky

"Engaging. . . a rich, suspenseful account."
Publishers Weekly 

"Revelatory. . . Bahadur's astute analysis of causes and solutions prove far more informative than any TV footage about the contemporary piracy problem."